Founded in 2003, SHIN SUNG MAJOR GLOVE Corporation is one of the leading companies manufacturing industrial gloves with technology accumulated over many years.

SHIN SUNG MAJOR GLOVE Corporation has a good reputation from successful local market business and produces top quality gloves with superior R & D staffs. Our company has started to mass-produce Prestige Micro FOAM NBR, MASTER SANDY™ Nitrile, PU(Polyurethane), NBR(Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), Latex coated gloves which have been performed their excellent quality by CE certificates and supplied under OEM & ODM with customers. Furthermore, we have developed protective gloves using TERACUT®, TEKORA®, XP200™, KENIMA200™, KENIMA WARM™, HPPE, Kevlar® yarns which are recognized excellent cut resistant gloves since 2003.

Anti-bac™ is the first innovative challenge to apply antimicrobial protection on the industry occupational gloves range, and demonstrates the Company’s ability for industry leading innovation globally.

Today we provide competitive price & full service. We are looking for good partners all over the world and promise that we try our best to support you for your successful business.

Thank you.

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